Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weight Loss- Marathon Style

A few years ago I ran my first marathon. It was the second time I had signed up. The first time I didn’t make it to the starting line as my son was born about a month before. If you read one of my previous blogs (“life after baby” August 2009), you’ll know why!

My first marathon was in Cincinnati in 2002. “The Flying Pig Marathon”. The irony is too obvious to comment on.

I arrived at the starting line scared but excited. This was going to be the real deal. The chip around my ankle documented, both officially and electronically, the transition from being a couch potato to … something else. I hesitate to use the words “runner” or “athlete” as they may conjure up images that are not quite aligned with reality.

I crossed the finish line that day with tears in my eyes and on such an incredible emotional high that it is difficult for me not to recommend running and racing as tools for personal growth if not for physical health.

I told you about my emotions at the start and the finish lines but it’s not as easy or pretty to talk about the 26.2 miles in between. Suffice it to say that at various points during the race the desire to stop was overwhelming. As I would put one foot in front of the other I could almost hear the angelic and the evil Eden on my shoulders. “Your family will still love you. Just Stop!” “It’s too hot anyway. No one will blame you if you stop” “Maybe there is a medical emergency around here and they need your expertise”.

But alas no calls for emergency pap smears and no one having a baby by the side of the road.

The reasons for my perseverance had little to do with my strength of character and more with having heard it all before. Even though on that day I did not heed the calls to quit, I had done so on many other occasions during my training runs. I knew what to expect.

Your many attempts over the years to lose weight were your training runs. It is important for you to know and acknowledge what it was that made you stop. I know that you have a great deal of insight into what is going on in your head when it comes to this issue.

Is your self esteem in tatters? Do you sometimes feel that you intentionally sabotage some of the efforts because you're afraid? Does the mountain to climb seem too high and so you give it a good effort but just as things heat up you trip yourself up? Do you do just enough to get people off your back for a while? Not trying to preach but you and I know that you don't believe that it will succeed so why put yourself through all of this.

What is it that makes you put road blocks on the way? What are you afraid of? You know what they are and you must acknowledge them before we can move on.

This is race day and we’re on the starting line. You’re pumped, excited, scared.

You know what comes next. Be prepared.

We’ll celebrate at the finish line.

Go to and click on inspirational videos. Under weight loss, watch and listen to meditations and affirmations. Also try the relaxation videos and don’t forget to use headphones.